About Me

An Illustrator trapped in a Graphic Designers body, with a love for the arts both visual and audible. Still to this day possessed with a child like admiration for cartoons and animation, always looking to turn my playful style and deface any job that comes my way, all the while fulfilling my inner dream of never quite  growing up… (sorry mum!)

Defaced Designs Me Drawing

Having been obsessed with cartoons for as long as I can remember, I quickly sculpted my childhood dream around the idea of becoming an animator. Progressing through school my natural habitat was always the art room. Here I began developing my style; defacing any sketchbook, canvas or school book I could get my hands on.  However, my creations soon jumped from school books to walls around my hometown, with the faces being my signature.  

As I plodded on scribbling my way into higher forms of education with art at the forefront, I began to mature stylistically (but by no means mentally) adopting elements from wider cultures and integrating them into my work. At this time my musical spark began to take full flame. I’d gone from drumming on school table tops, to producing my own drums, and slowly drums became the centre of my musical love. Soon I found interest in both ancestral music and tribal art forms and began applying it to my art and soon realised there was a coherent rhythm and natural flow in both my musical and visual work. Now, having gained my degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, I am looking to become a full time professional doodler. Armed with my pen and a desire to deface any job that surfaces.

A lot of people say that “The eyes are the window to the soul”, I personally am more concerned with the house that the windows belong to. I have developed somewhat of an addiction to faces. I seem to find a lot of joy in mixing them up and well … defacing em’. I love the unique qualities that every individual face possesses and how they each tell their own story. More than that, faces are our main tools of communication, they are our character and our memories physically manifested, very much like the world of design. I have created this new alias as a way of giving my artwork a face of its own.