Earthworm Kitchen

“Being Earthworms we care deeply about the state of the Earth and strive to have a positive impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants. We always use locally sourced ingredients where possible as well as Fairtrade initiatives. Single use plastics are a big NO NO and all of our disposable packaging is completely compostable, feed the worms! As all of our food is plant based it has a much smaller footprint on the earth than meat and dairy products would, however, we are always looking to improve our green credentials. All our food is made with an abundance of fresh ingredients and love.”

Earthworm Kitchen offer full power, nutrient packed, plant based street foods. The products are 100% plant based, nutritional and handmade, which is the main selling point and the packaging should represent this. Sauces would be in glass jars with metal lids. Any frozen produce would be within cardboard. Chilled food would need more looking at but ideally compostable plant plastics used with sticker or card sleeve. Products will be sold in supermarkets, health food stores, market stalls.