Eden River Brew Co.

Totem pole can design

The international brewing industry has become increasingly dominated by large conglomerates; a tiny number of huge parent companies that produce the vast majority of beer sold on the high street and in tied public houses. However, in recent years there has been a large increase in the number of independent breweries/micro-breweries meeting an increasing demand for more ethically sound, locally produced beers. This growth in independent local brewing has been driven largely by ideas of anti-globalisation, quality of product, the real ale movement, the ability to produce limited edition beers, etc.

You are required to devise, design and present labels for four limited edition craft beers that will be packaged and sold in cans. The four designs have to be linked by a theme – this could be as simple as ‘the four seasons’ or something more challenging like ‘the four horsemen of the apocalypse’! This is where your creative brain comes into play but also where you need to listen carefully to your client. For this is a live brief and the winning designs will be produced by Eden Brewery through a series of specially brewed, limited edition craft beers which will be sold through Westmorland Family outlets! We want you to capture the energy and attitude of the brewery in both your concept and the visual treatment you employ.

Defaced Designs Can Display Stacked
Defaced Designs Can Design Photo

Every year we challenge design students at the University of Cumbria to unleash their imaginations on the cans for a special range of beers. Our job? Making sure the liquid inside is just as vibrant as their creations. This eye-catching can is the work of second year graphic design student Sam Mallard aka ‘Defaced Designs’.